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Recent Publications

Efficient Multi-User Similarity Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage Changhee Hahn, Hyung June Shin, Hyunsoo Kwon, Junbeom Hur
A practical de-mixing algorithm for Bitcoin mixing services Younggee Hong, Hyunsoo Kwon, Jihwan Lee, Junbeom Hur
TrapFetch: A Breakpoint-based Prefetcher for Both Launch and Run-time Jiwoong Won, Oseok Kwon, Junhee Ryu, Junbeom Hur, Insup Lee, Kyungtae Kang
Novel Hybrid CNN-SVM Model for Recognition of Functional Magnetic Resonance Images Xiaolong Sun, Juyoung Park, Kyungtae Kang, Junbeom Hur
Cookie Theft Attacks in HTTPS by Invalidating Cookie Flags Hyunjae Nam, Hyunsoo Kwon, Hyungjun Shin, Jongmin Jeong, Changhee Hahn, Junbeom Hur

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