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Recent Publications

Privacy-preserving and Updatable Block-level Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage Services Hyungjune Shin, Dongyoung Koo, Youngjoo Shin and Junbeom Hur
Efficient Multi-User Similarity Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage Changhee Hahn, Hyung June Shin, Hyunsoo Kwon, Junbeom Hur
A practical de-mixing algorithm for Bitcoin mixing services Younggee Hong, Hyunsoo Kwon, Jihwan Lee, Junbeom Hur
TrapFetch: A Breakpoint-based Prefetcher for Both Launch and Run-time Jiwoong Won, Oseok Kwon, Junhee Ryu, Junbeom Hur, Insup Lee, Kyungtae Kang
Novel Hybrid CNN-SVM Model for Recognition of Functional Magnetic Resonance Images Xiaolong Sun, Juyoung Park, Kyungtae Kang, Junbeom Hur

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