Invited talk by Dr. Taeho Lee (ETH Zurich) (Sept. 05, 2018)

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Invited talk by Dr. Taeho Lee (ETH Zurich) on Sept. 05, 2018


Title: Towards an Accountable and Private Internet



Today’s Internet fails to provide either source accountability or

privacy; packets cannot be attributed to their source, and

communications on the Internet cannot be kept private. Furthermore,

even if the Internet can be modified to support the two properties,

simultaneously providing both is difficult because they are

conflicting. Hence, most future Internet architecture (FIA) proposals

have focused on one property at the expense of the other.


In this talk, we explore an FIA that balances between source

accountability and privacy. To this end, we propose the Accountable

and Private Network Architecture (APNA) that guarantees source

accountability while preserving the privacy of the users. Then, we

extend APNA to provide stronger privacy guarantees. Specifically, we

define a new concept, flow-packet unlinkability--preventing an

adversary from linking packets to flows---and extend APNA to achieve

flow-packet unlinkability.



Taeho Lee is a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, working in the

Network Security Group. His main research area is designing secure

future Internet architecture. Specifically, he is interested in

designing a network architecture that aims to support both privacy and

accountability. Before joining ETH Zürich, he worked as a researcher

at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in

South Korea. At ETRI, he was part of the future Internet research team

that worked on a mobility-oriented network architecture.