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Recent Publications

Improving Security and Reliability in Merkle Tree-Based Online Data Authentication with Leakage Resilience Dongyoung Koo, Youngjoo Shin, Joobeom Yun, Junbeom Hur
Unveiling Hardware-based Data Prefetcher, a Hidden Source of Information Leakage Youngjoo Shin, Hyung Chan Kim, Dokeun Kwon, Ji Hoon Jeong, Junbeom Hur
Trustworthy Delegation toward Securing Mobile Healthcare Cyber-Physical Systems Changhee Hahn, Hyunsoo Kwon, Junbeom Hur
Secure Deduplication with Reliable and Revocable Key Management in Fog Computing Hyunsoo Kwon, Changhee Hahn, Kyungtae Kang, Junbeom Hur
Poster: De-mixing Bitcoin Mixing Services Younggee Hong, Hyunsoo Kwon, Sangtae Lee, Junbeom Hur


Prof. Hur did keynote speech at KDFS conference. (2018. 11. 30) Fri Nov 30 2018 13:37:55 GMT+0900 (KST)
Best Paper Award at National Cryptography Competition (Hyunsoo Kwon and Changhee Hahn) Fri Nov 16 2018 12:59:31 GMT+0900 (KST)
Invited talk by Dr. Taeho Lee (ETH Zurich) (Sept. 05, 2018) Fri Aug 24 2018 19:21:21 GMT+0900 (KST)
Paper acceptance to ACM CCS 2018 Tue Aug 07 2018 16:48:12 GMT+0900 (KST)
Invited talk at ISSLAB by Prof. Zhiwei Wang Wed Aug 01 2018 14:56:10 GMT+0900 (KST)

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