Junbeom Hur

Research Area: Information Security, Applied Cryptography, Network Security, Cyber Security

Personal Introduction page

Postdoctoral Researcher

Zeinab Rezaiefar

Research Area: Network, Network Security

Ph.D. Student

Munkweon Jeong

Research Area: Information Security, Cloud Service Security, Privacy Information Protection

Changhee Hahn

Research Area: Wireless Network Security, Privacy, Biometric Identification, Secure Authentication, Secure Set Operation, Applied Cryptography

Hyunsoo Kwon

Research Area: Cloud Security - Attribute-Based Encryption, Secure Deduplication, Network Security - Certificate Transparency

Hyungjune Shin

Research Area: Cloud Security - Deduplication, Authentication

Xiyuan Ma

Research Area:

Jinhee Lee

Research Area: Blockchain

Hyundo Yoon

Research Area: Functional Encryption Protocol, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

MS students

Sangtae Lee

Research Area: Network Security - TLS, QUIC, Certificate Transparency

Hyeongseob Kim

Research Area: Functional Encrpytion - Attribute-based Encryption, Searchable Encrypytion, Cloud and Fog Computing Security, Secure Personal Health Record.

Hodong Kim

Research Area: Cache Side-Channel Attack, Cloud Security

Undergraduate students

Minjae Kim

Research Area:

Hoyoung Kim

Research Area: Applied Cryptography, IoT Security, Network Security, Cache Side-channel Attack

Bomin Kim

Research Area: Network Security

Hoyong Jeong

Research Area:


Daeyoung Kim

Research Area: Cloud Security - Data Audit

Member of

Seungwoo Han

Research Area: Network Security - SSL/TLS Vulnerabilities


Hoyul Choi

Research Area: OTP, Honey Encryption

Member of TmaxSoft

Dongyung Koo

Research Area: Information Security, Applied Cryptography, Cloud Security(Attribute-based Encryption, Secure Deduplication, Fully Homomorphic Encryption)

Member of Faculty, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Hansung University, Seoul

Hyunjae Nam

Research Area:

Member of KT

Jongmin Jeong

Research Area:

Member of SK hynix

Younggee Hong

Research Area: Blockchain - Cryptocurrency Anonymity, Clustering

Member of Samsung

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